Art of ANDRANIK (fine art oil paintings)
"The night and the king"
For this painting project I primed my canvas in a brown tone making random strokes.

After looking at it for while, I noticed that these random brush strokes had already worked a composition for me: mountains, a panther in the background, a lion in the front.

The next step of the creating process is to reinforce these shapes and forms to make them "pop" more and define the composition, and even add more elements to the painting.

Finally the glazing and coloring process is going to start until the painting is complete!

This is another example of my working method:

I try to approach most of my work with the surrealist automatism, yet in the method used I like borrowing from the classical painters.

This painting process allows me to free the subconscious and keep the primal impulse on canvas yet, refining that raw inspiration I can work with multiple layers using the natural properties of oil paint